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mother and daughter playing a game on the couch

Tax Update 2022: Child Tax Credit for Separated or Divorced Parents

If you're a divorced or separated parent, now is the time to discuss who will claim each child as dependent on your 2021 tax return to maximize the child tax credit. Talking with a family law attorney can also give you more insight. A Family Law Attorney May Help Increase Your Child Tax Credit We've […]

mother placing mask on child before school in Pennsylvania

Shared Custody and School Choice During the Pandemic

Virtual? In-person? Hybrid? What happens when parents cannot agree? As the country continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, parents with shared custody are faced with difficult choices regarding how their children should attend school. Below is some insight and answers from a child custody attorney as to how best to deal with the decision. […]

divorced mother with daughter happy to receive the 2021 child tax credit

2021 Child Tax Credit: Which Divorced Parent Gets It?

Before 2018, listing a dependent child on the federal tax return meant a per person exemption resulting in paying less federal taxes. From 2018 to 2025 the dependency exemption is suspended. For now, the issue of child dependency is still relevant but more complicated. Let’s begin with a scenario: a married couple with two minor […]

father carrying a baby receiving a child support modification from family law attorney

PA Support Modifications in the Time of COVID-19

In light of the pandemic and its impact on employment and income, is it possible you are paying too much or receiving too little under your current child, spousal, or APL support order? Do you currently have a support order (child/spousal/APL) in place? Has your income been affected by the coronavirus pandemic? Are you concerned, […]