Environmental Law

Q: How do we handle the drought?

A: In this Middle Atlantic region, after a winter with almost no snow, we are having a spring with almost no rain. Near-record floods last year; drought this year. New high temperature records being set monthly. What does it mean? However, you might feel about the cause, the fact it that weather is getting both warmer and more extreme. What should we do about worsening droughts? Fish, lawns, flowers and all kinds of vegetation suffer. Businesses that rely on water, rivers and streams are hurt. In addition to conservation efforts and small adjustments in the way we use the existing reservoirs in the Delaware Basin, long range solutions should be near worked out. In our four-state area, the states and federal government have joined together to form a 100-year compact, the Delaware River Basis Commission, to handle the region’s water supply problems. I believe that the Commission and states need to work together to develop long range plans to give us better protection against drought injury.
Kenneth R. Myers, April 2012

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