Just Hang Up! The Perils of Pocket Dialing and Accidental Calls.

January 28, 2016

By: Thomas D. Rees, Esq.

high swartz, cell phoneDialing mistakes are no longer just material for late night comedy.  Several recent employment cases show the consequences of “pocket dialing” on cell phones.  The mistaken calls disclosed plans to fire executives, disrespect for management, conflicts of interest, and affairs with co-workers.  The misdialing employees and supervisors emerged from the incidents with lost jobs and lost respect- and then lost lawsuits over use of information from the mistaken calls. Continue reading "Just Hang Up! The Perils of Pocket Dialing and Accidental Calls."

Oh No, A Surprise Snow Day!!

January 8, 2016snow1

By: Mary Cushing Doherty

This post originally appeared in the Local Living Magazine on December 2015 issue.

Most parents of school age children react dramatically differently to snow days than their little ones. The overwhelming announcement that school is closed sneaks up by surprise: significant snow was not expected; rain should not have flooded the school basement; accidental power outage; or any unexpected triggers to close school. Continue reading "Oh No, A Surprise Snow Day!!"