Joel D. Rosen, Esq. Joins Board of Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research

The High Swartz LLP managing partner joins an impressive board of executives and innovators.

The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) is a prominent international organization focused on finding a cure and enhancing the care provided to sarcoidosis patients through research, education, and support. Since its inception in 2000, FSR has played a pivotal role in fostering sarcoidosis-specific research endeavors, accumulating over $6 million in funding.

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease characterized by the development of granulomas, small clusters of inflammatory cells, in one or more organs of the body. Excessive formation of these clumps can impair the structure and function of affected organs. If left untreated, chronic inflammation can lead to permanent scarring of organ tissues, known as fibrosis.

While the lungs are the primary target in around 90% of cases, sarcoidosis can affect virtually any organ. Despite ongoing research advancements, sarcoidosis remains challenging to diagnose, with limited treatment options and no known cure.

When individuals are diagnosed with a rare disease like sarcoidosis, many face a lack of clear paths to recovery and, in some cases, no chance of healing at all. Unfortunately, there are few treatment options and limited understanding among doctors, researchers, and even patients themselves.

FSR actively facilitates groundbreaking advancements in sarcoidosis research, expediting the translation of promising therapies from the laboratory to patients. Through education, advocacy, resource provision, direct funding, and collaborations, FSR alleviates the suffering of patients while striving towards the ultimate goal of a cure.

Joel D. Rosen provides extensive guidance to a wide range of businesses in matters pertaining to corporate and commercial transactions. His practice encompasses various areas, such as company formation, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, sales, and financing initiatives. He is well-versed in non-profit law, franchise law, business and commercial law, employment law, trademark and copyright law, as well as commercial leasing. Mr. Rosen currently serves on the Boards of three other nonprofit institutions and has served on numerous non-profit Boards over the last twenty years.


Mary Cushing Doherty Leads LLS Advocacy Group on 2023 DC visit

Mary Cushing Doherty, High Swartz LLP family attorney and dedicated advocate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), recently joined fellow advocates in Washington, D.C. for the impactful Spring Lobby Day on May 17. This gathering provided Mary and others with profound experiences and incredible opportunities to connect with survivors and individuals who, like Mary, support LLS in their mission to assist those facing blood cancer and numerous obstacles to treatment and survival.

The advocacy group made an immense impact during their visit, engaging in 105 meetings with Congressional offices. They shared powerful stories and inspired lawmakers to stand alongside blood cancer patients. In a testament to their influence, the NIH Clinical Trial Diversity Act was introduced mere days after LLS's presence on Capitol Hill.

Mary had the privilege of meeting with the offices of Senator Casey, Senator Fetterman, and Representative Brian Fitzpatrick. The focus of these non-partisan discussions centered around crucial health bills. As a result of LLS's persuasive efforts, all three offices expressed their commitment to the cause, further solidifying Mary's dedication to serving as the volunteer State Advocacy Leader for LLS in Pennsylvania.

Recognizing Mary's unwavering commitment and significant contributions, LLS awarded her the prestigious 2023 National Advocacy Leader Award. This well-deserved recognition serves as a testament to her tireless efforts in championing the rights and needs of individuals affected by blood cancer.

During Mary's meeting with Senator Casey's office, an intriguing opportunity arose. The Senator's team requested a grassroots advocate from LLS to serve as a spokesperson and introduce him at a virtual rally held on Wednesday, May 25. This rally united participants from 43 national non-profit organizations who jointly urged Congress to safeguard Medicaid benefits during the ongoing budget crisis and forthcoming federal Congressional sessions.

LLS appointed Mary as the chosen advocate for this vital role. At the virtual rally, she had the honor of welcoming Senator Casey and presenting poignant stories of patients and their caregivers. Through these narratives, Mary effectively emphasized the critical importance of protecting Medicaid for children battling serious diseases like blood cancer, individuals disabled by cancer and debilitating illnesses, and countless others whose lives depend on these essential healthcare provisions.

LLS advocacy visit to DC

LLS advocacy visit to DC

LLS advocacy visit to DC

LLS advocacy visit to DC

LLS advocacy visit to DC

High Swartz Welcomes Li Shao Via MBA Diversity Internship & Development Program

High Swartz LLP is pleased to announce that Li Shao has joined the firm as a Summer 1L. Li's arrival at the firm comes as part of her participation in the esteemed Robert E. Slota, Jr. Diversity Internship & Development Program, facilitated by the Montgomery Bar Association. This program is dedicated to bridging the gap for underrepresented law students, offering them invaluable opportunities and resources to help them achieve their professional aspirations.

Li's academic background reflects her diverse range of interests and a profound pursuit of knowledge. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in archaeology from Nanjing Normal University in China, Li embarked on a transformative journey to the United States to pursue further studies. She enrolled at the University of Denver, where she studied art history and obtained a master's degree, specializing in contemporary Chinese art from the 1980s to the present day. Art history provided Li with a compelling contrast to the extensive timelines of archaeology.

Li Shao continued her educational journey at the Ohio State University in 2010 as a Ph.D. candidate in Art Policy. This program offered her the invaluable time and resources to delve deep into Chinese policy. Li conducted extensive discourse analysis on various aspects of Chinese cultural, land, population, and economic reform policies from 1978 onward.

Following the completion of her Ph.D. in 2015, Li dedicated her time to writing her book manuscript, which explored the governance and policies of the Chinese Communist Party. During this period, Li's passion for understanding the intricate intersections between law and society became evident, leading her to embark on an American legal studies journey. Li aspires to use law as a tool to combat injustices and safeguard individual liberties.

Currently, Li is a rising 2L at Charles Widger School of Law at Villanova University. In the fall, she will become Treasurer of Villanova's Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA). The group strives to spread cultural awareness throughout the legal community, while advancing the various interests of the Asian American community.

The Montgomery Bar Association's Robert E. Slota Summer 1L Diversity Program reflects High Swartz's commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The firm's participation in this program not only enriches the experiences of rising 2L students like Li but also provides the firm with invaluable real-world insights within the regional legal landscape. This opportunity allows High Swartz to mentor and guide aspiring legal professionals while fostering a more diverse and inclusive legal community.

Li Shao's exceptional academic achievements, coupled with her diverse background and commitment to cultural awareness, make her a valuable addition to High Swartz LLP. Li's unique perspectives and dedication to bridging cultural divides promise to make a significant impact on both her professional endeavors and the legal community as a whole.