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Small Business Legal Issues

Nearly one-quarter of U.S. small businesses closed during the pandemic's peak in May 2020. Many of them from legal issues that could have been prevented.   Common Small Business Legal Issues Small businesses face many challenges, especially in an economic climate ravaged by the pandemic—many closed shops in the last two years. Issues small businesses […]

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Business Interruption Insurance in PA – Are You Really Covered During the Pandemic?

Many business owners had insurance policies that included “business interruption” coverage. If the pandemic isn’t business interruption, what is? As the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 swept into the United States and stay at home orders and mandatory business closures rolled out of governors’ offices like water over Niagara Falls, business owners, small, medium and […]

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A Small Business Game Plan to Follow During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Feeling sick about your business during these uncertain times? Doylestown Attorney Donald Petrille offers a to-do list for small business owners that can help position themselves for what lies ahead. The COVID-19 virus biggest casualty so far has been our small business community. Washington is working on a number of measures to give our small […]

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How the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Will Affect Local Business

The Act seeks to address the impact of coronavirus in a number of areas, but how will it affect employees, employers and their businesses in PA? On the night of Tuesday, March 17th, 2020, the President signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. It was passed by Congress in hopes that it will assist Americans, […]

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Starting or Relocating a Business: Watch Out for Local Requirements!

Anyone who starts or relocates a business goes through exciting and challenging times.  It is understandable that the business owner’s primary focus  is getting established and meeting customer needs.  It stands to reason that a business plan will include big picture items such as marketing strategy and customer satisfaction, which in turn may lead to […]

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Small business owners: Beware these recent developments in PA law!

For small business owners, the growth of a startup business can cause you to overlook the legal minutiae that come along the way.  It is not unusual to see small businesses that started out using form contracts or invoices that may have done the trick at the time, but ten or more years later they […]

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Be Wary of “Binding Mediation”

Over the last 100 years, High Swartz attorneys have engaged in countless cases involving alternative dispute resolution, representing litigants in arbitrations and mediations and serving as arbitrators and mediators.   Recently however, I have noticed a newer concept being incorporated into contractual provisions and settlement discussions:  “binding mediation”.  Such a provision raises immediate questions.  What is […]

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What the heck is a Confession of Judgment?

A Confession of Judgement is one of those terms you may have heard of if you have ever obtained a business loan or signed a commercial lease. Even if you have heard that phrase, chances are you have no idea what it means. And chances are you signed those loan or lease documents anyway.  This […]

Want a Judge instead of an Arbitrator?

September 6, 2017 by Donald Petrille, Jr. If you want your case heard by a Judge instead of an Arbitrator - Be sure to read those forms! The Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently decided the case of Fellerman v. PECO.  The case involved a homeowner who alleged a home inspector failed to find a rotting […]

Breaking Down “BYOD” Policies

February 14, 2017 The explosion of smartphones, tablets and technology generally, has inevitably resulted in employees performing work tasks on their personal devices.  In the age of the ever present smartphone, and for many, the accompanying compulsion to stay constantly connected, employers and employees find themselves balancing the benefits and pitfalls of employees using their […]