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Philadelphia Transfer Tax Update for 2022

If you're dealing with commercial, residential, or real estate development, you need to be aware of Philadelphia transfer tax. Post Updated: 10.24.22 In Pennsylvania, the state and the county impose a real estate transfer tax based on the property's location. So, it's essential to familiarize yourself with Philadelphia's transfer tax if you're looking to transfer […]

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Pennsylvania Tree Laws

Below is a primer on the municipal laws regarding trees along property lines and public rights of way in Pennsylvania Municipalities. Pennsylvanians need to understand their rights and liabilities concerning hazard trees and property line laws. With the rapid infestation of invasive tree pests like the Spotted Lanternfly and Emerald Ash Borer in Pennsylvania, many […]

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The Emerald Ash Borer Killed a Tree on My Property Line. Who is Responsible For Its Removal?

The Emerald Ash Borer insect has wreaked havoc throughout much of PA and is migrating to surrounding Mid-Atlantic states. Dead ash tree removal is a must for property owners, but the responsibility burden can sometimes cause friction between neighbors. I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and I’m trying to resolve a dispute with a neighbor about […]

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Stormwater Fees in PA - What You Need to Know

Property Owners in PA looking to challenge their stormwater fees need to understand the requirements regarding how they are structured and assessed. If you’ve read local newspapers or attended local government meetings in Pennsylvania over the past few years, you’re aware of the controversy over stormwater fees. Disgruntled landowners may call the fees “rain taxes,” […]

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PA Pipeline Construction FAQs

When many Pennsylvania landowners look out onto their backyards, they are unaware of the pipeline system that currently resides under their lawns. Many more are unaware of the bottleneck within the system that transports gas from a record-setting natural gas reserve in the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania. That bottleneck is keeping over 1,000 of […]

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PA Municipalities worried about the Airbnb trend can rest easier

In a recent decision, the PA Supreme Court reversed the Commonwealth Court’s ruling and in doing so, state that Airbnb-type rentals are against residential zoning laws. Back in March 2018, I wrote about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to review a case involving a now-prevalent issue confronted by municipalities across the country…the influx of Airbnb’s […]

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What is a Municipal Authority?

If you live in Pennsylvania, odds are that you’re within the service area of at least one municipal or joint municipal authority. It has been estimated that Pennsylvania has roughly 2,000 active municipal authorities. Whether for water distribution, wastewater treatment, sewer, school, hospital, mass transit, recreation, business development, or some other purpose, most citizens get […]

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Politcal Yard Signs and Your HOA

Political campaign signage and yard signs has always been a point of significant controversy in PA, which has only intensified in the recent years. Because our democracy depends upon the free exchange of ideas, the First Amendment forbids laws “abridging the freedom of speech.” The Supreme Court has long interpreted that the Amendment has a […]

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How can municipalities control the AirBnB trend within their neighborhoods?

The online marketplace for short term lodging is proliferating well beyond Jersey Shore and Poconos rentals.  AirBnB’s are becoming a popular trend in suburban Philadelphia and in some townships, an unwanted land use.  Since this trend started, the municipal and zoning lawyer in me has wondered how this seemingly unregulated ability to rent out your […]