Commonly Asked Q&A for Child Support

April 26, 2016

By: Elizabeth Early

questions & answers; child supportOne of the most commonly asked questions that I hear from new clients is: “How is child support calculated?” When parties transition from a shared household income to two separate, individual incomes, it is natural for both parties to feel anxious about just how much they will be expected to contribute to the other party, or conversely, what they can expect to receive in financial support. Below are 10 Commonly Asked Questions and Answers. Continue reading "Commonly Asked Q&A for Child Support"

The NLRB Takes Aim at Employee Handbooks Affecting Employment Law

April 19, 2016

By: James B. Shrimp

employee handbook, NLRBThe National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and it’s field offices continue to seek to influence the non-unionized, private sector workplace. Last week, an administrative law judge in an NLRB proceeding involving Quicken Loans, and affiliated companies, Fathead and One Reverse Mortgage, ruled that over 20 provisions of an employee handbook, known as the “Big Book,” violated the National Labor Relations Act. Specifically, the judge ruled that these Big Book provisions violated more than 15,000 employees’ rights to engage in concerted activity. Continue reading "The NLRB Takes Aim at Employee Handbooks Affecting Employment Law"