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How Will Divorce Affect My Business?

Divorce and business. For the owner, running the company can be never-ending and all-consuming. In many cases, the commitment and passion for it can contribute to strains in your personal life, leading to a struggling marriage and divorce. Consult with a divorce attorney if you own a business and are facing a divorce proceeding. Will […]

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Co-Parenting Tips for Vacation Season

Follow These Co-Parenting Tips for Single Parents Seeking a Stress-Free Summer. I developed this post to help parents and their family lawyers plan for the slew of legal co-parenting complications the summer might bring. Without the structure of school, even the tightest co-parenting plans face challenges. Whether an uncoupling was friendly or not, it takes […]

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Guidelines for Child Support in PA

Courts order child support in PA to help defray the costs of rearing a child. Let’s start with the basics. Support obligations typically lasts until a child turns 18. However, payments can extend beyond that if a child is still in high school or has physical or mental conditions requiring additional support. A Child support […]

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Family Lawyer vs. Divorce Lawyer

Your marriage is on the rocks. It’s time to find a lawyer near you to represent you in what’s beginning to look like an ugly divorce. But who should you consult? Which lawyer is better, a divorce lawyer vs. a family lawyer. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter. Either lawyer can represent you effectively. Moreover, […]

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The Meaning of Gray Divorce or Divorce After 50

It's growing more common for couples to divorce after 50 and later in life. It's also becoming more socially accepted. So let's take a closer look at the meaning of gray divorce. Sometimes, people finally feel financially stable enough for a gray divorce. Perhaps, they've reached a certain age and are ready for something different. […]

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Tax Update 2022: Child Tax Credit for Separated or Divorced Parents

If you're a divorced or separated parent, now is the time to discuss who will claim each child as dependent on your 2021 tax return to maximize the child tax credit. Talking with a family law attorney can also give you more insight. A Family Law Attorney May Help Increase Your Child Tax Credit We've […]

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Date of Separation and What PA Courts Consider During a Divorce

In many cases, divorcing couples don’t realize that the exact date of separation may be crucial within the divorce process. When I meet clients who are seeking a divorce, they often casually tell me that their marriage “really” ended months or years earlier, they just stayed married legally. They’ve typically chosen to uphold their legal […]

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Can Catholics Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

A Catholic prenuptial agreement is commonly viewed as planning for divorce before a marriage even begins in the Catholic Church. The mere mention of the word “prenup” can incite a gasp and an inquisitive raise of the eyebrow, especially if you're talking about a Catholic prenuptial agreement. However, prenuptial agreements are not necessarily executed with […]

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Grandparent Rights to Custody and Visitation in PA

When Act 21 passed into law in Pennsylvania in 2018, it changed how and when grandparents can seek custody of their grandchildren. PA Act 21 expanded grandparent rights in PA and third party custody categories. It also added to those able to request child custody through its courts. Below is a summary of how the […]

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Child Support Termination in Pennsylvania

Child support termination and when payments can stop are substantial and nuanced questions we often receive as family law attorneys. Child support payments contribute to a variety of expenses that fall to the parent with custody. These can include medical fees, children's school and activity expenses, and food and clothing necessities. These court-ordered payments commonly […]