When is a worker an Employee versus an Independent Contractor?

December 23, 2015

By: Thomas Rees

Pair of contracts containing generic text and fictious signatures with a pen on the grey surface of a deskIn the drive to reduce overhead, many businesses have hired individuals to work as independent contractors.  These contractors work not only at the office but also from home and even from neighborhood coffee shops.  Businesses use the independent contractor model to save having to pay benefits like social security, unemployment insurance, and health coverage.  A business may designate a  hire as project-related, rather then permanent, to make it more likely that the worker will be found to be an independent contractor.  The best-known business using independent contractors right now may well be Uber, whose contractors provide the company’s core service –   picking passengers up and driving to where the passenger wants to go. Continue reading “When is a worker an Employee versus an Independent Contractor?”

Melissa Boyd, attorney, spearheaded the “Under the Sea” project displayed at the Montgomery County Juvenile Court.

December 21, 2015Melissa Boyd was quoted in today’s Times Herald News, regarding the November 30, 2015 ceremony at the Montgomery County Courthouse. Melissa Boyd spearheaded the “Under the Sea” artwork project being displayed at the Juvenile Court waiting room. The artworks were created by students from the Souderton Area School District’s, West Broad Street Elementary School. Continue reading “Melissa Boyd, attorney, spearheaded the “Under the Sea” project displayed at the Montgomery County Juvenile Court.”

Ban the Box: Hiring Just Got More Complicated in the City of Philadelphia

Criminal background checkDecember 18, 2015By: Jim B. Shrimp, Esq.For decades, private employers have used a number of tools to analyze and evaluate candidates for positions, including requiring resumes, work and personal references and the completion of an application.  Two tools that have also been used are credit checks and criminal background checks.  I wrote an article back in September on the use of credit reports in hiring and the fact that Federal legislation has been introduced to significantly limit the use of credit checks.  To date that legislation has not advanced toward becoming law. Continue reading “Ban the Box: Hiring Just Got More Complicated in the City of Philadelphia”

“Home” for the Holidays

December 17, 2015By: Mary Cushing DohertyThis post originally appeared in the Local Living Magazine on December 2013 issue.high swartz home holidaysWhat family with teenagers doesn’t hear that their family is dysfunctional? In most families, the holidays are not times of bliss and merriment, but rather good times mixed with the tensions of reuniting for the perfect event that often goes awry.When a family is touched by divorce, special challenges should be considered to make the best of the season of Continue reading ““Home” for the Holidays”

Considerations when Establishing Date of Legal Separation

December 17, 2015By: Melissa BoydWhen I meet clients who are seeking divorce, they often casually tell me that their marriage “really” ended years earlier, they just stayed married legally. They’ve typically chosen to uphold their legal unioHigh Swartz Separationn for fear of hurting their children, or due to financial dependencies. Either way, they usually don’t realize that the exact date of separation may be crucial within the divorce process. Continue reading “Considerations when Establishing Date of Legal Separation”

An Opportunity to Reduce Pennsylvania’s Painfully Slow Divorce Process

Hand holding a Divorce Word Sphere on white background.December 15, 2015By: Mary Cushing Doherty, Esq.This post originally appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philly.com on November 16, 2015 Divorce is difficult. It can be painful, exhausting, debilitating and expensive.  In Pennsylvania, it can also take a long time. Continue reading “An Opportunity to Reduce Pennsylvania’s Painfully Slow Divorce Process”

Stages of a Lawsuit Through the Eyes of a Football Fan

High SwartzDecember 9, 2015By: Mark R. Fischer Jr., Esq.Each time I begin working with a new client, I find myself explaining what will be involved in the handling of their lawsuit.  Most people generally understand that a lawsuit involves two parties that have a disagreement they cannot resolve on their own, so they turn to the Courts; but, they do not know the various steps involved in bringing or defending a lawsuit. Continue reading “Stages of a Lawsuit Through the Eyes of a Football Fan”

The Senior Divorce

December 8, 2015High SwartzBy: Melissa M. Boyd, Esq.Couples decide to separate for many reasons. Sometimes the reasons have no baring whatsoever on the legal case, but other times they play an important role. When a couple is divorcing in part because of its older age, attorneys need to be prepared to handle the divorce process a bit differently.It’s growing more common for couples to divorce later in life. It’s also becoming more socially accepted. Sometimes, people finally feel financially stable enough for divorce to be an option when they’ve reached a certain age and they’re looking back on a successful career. Some have emotional realizations when planning how they want to spend the rest of their lives. Each issue that can lead to the late demise of a marriage also helps to distinguish senior divorces from the usual process. Continue reading “The Senior Divorce”

Employment Eye on the Supreme Court

high swartzDecember 7, 2015By: James B. Shrimp, EsquireThe United States Supreme Court will examine and decide dozens of interesting and impactful cases in its 2015-2016 Term.  The Court will hear cases around voting rights, water rights, affirmative action, the contraceptive mandate under the Affordable Care Act and First and Fourth Amendment rights.  Also, as is typical, the Court will decide a handful of cases involving employment and labor law that are worth keeping a watchful eye on: Continue reading “Employment Eye on the Supreme Court”