Ban the Box: Hiring Just Got More Complicated in the City of Philadelphia

Criminal background checkDecember 18, 2015

By: Jim B. Shrimp, Esq.

For decades, private employers have used a number of tools to analyze and evaluate candidates for positions, including requiring resumes, work and personal references and the completion of an application.  Two tools that have also been used are credit checks and criminal background checks.  I wrote an article back in September on the use of credit reports in hiring and the fact that Federal legislation has been introduced to significantly limit the use of credit checks.  To date that legislation has not advanced toward becoming law. Continue reading “Ban the Box: Hiring Just Got More Complicated in the City of Philadelphia”

Considerations when Establishing Date of Legal Separation

December 17, 2015By: Melissa BoydWhen I meet clients who are seeking divorce, they often casually tell me that their marriage “really” ended years earlier, they just stayed married legally. They’ve typically chosen to uphold their legal unioHigh Swartz Separationn for fear of hurting their children, or due to financial dependencies. Either way, they usually don’t realize that the exact date of separation may be crucial within the divorce process. Continue reading “Considerations when Establishing Date of Legal Separation”