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Business law covers multiple areas, including tax law, intellectual propertyreal estate, sales, employment, bankruptcy, contract, and more. Business law can be involved. Plus, it overlaps with other law practices. It is essential to have a good business lawyer on hand.
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How Does Business Law Differs from Corporate Law?

Many people get confused by the distinction between business law and corporate law. There is a difference.

Corporate law focuses on the legal aspects governing the sale and distribution of goods. It establishes guidelines for the purchase and sale of goods in the market.

Business law covers the legal aspects used in acquisitions, mergers, business formation, and shareholder rights; and has a broader influence in business. Business lawyers cover areas such as employment law, contracts, taxes, and more.

Why Work with Our Business Law Firm?

Our business lawyers and corporate attorneys provide businesses of all types and sizes with efficient and precise commercial law solutions.

Our clients own businesses in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC. They run the gamut from large corporations and limited liability corporations (LLCs) to nonprofit organizations and web-based businesses.

We support these clients with a variety of legal services:

  • Business & Commercial Litigation
  • Business Contracts
  • Business Formation
  • Business Restructuring
  • Business Sales
  • Corporate Governance
  • Franchise Law
  • General Counsel Legal Services
  • Joint Ventures

Why is Business Law Important?

Business law regulates business practices. It maintains order, protects rights and liberties, establishes standards, and resolves disputes. It determines the rights of the company as well as the rights of the people that work there.

As a business owner, it is critical to understand legal considerations that can impact your company. Some key areas of concern include:

Business Formation: Every business requires a form, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation, S-corporation, partnership, or C-corporation. Each business form also has reporting and tax requirements that differ. A business lawyer can help determine which business structure will serve you best.

Contracts: Contract creation, and at times litigation, are aspects of business law. Iron-clad business contracts are the best way to protect your organization. And, the best way to ensure an iron-clad business contract is with proper legal representation.

By having a business lawyer draft, negotiate, and review contracts, you can avoid potential liabilities.

Employees: Business law is involved with compensation issues facing an organization. State and federal laws govern compensation and impact minimum wage, pension plans, overtime, and discriminatory practices.

Business law also plays a role in many other employee concerns, including contracts, non-compete agreements, and termination. A good business lawyer can also support your business by drafting employee manuals governing dress codes, paid time off, sexual harassment, and more.

Shareholder Rights: The rights of shareholders depend on the type of stock owned and state laws. Shareholder rights get assigned in order of absolute priority. All shareholders are entitled to certain rights, among those the right to hold meetings, the right to dissent, the right to transfer ownership, and the right to sue for wrongful acts.

Taxation: Understanding taxes is one thing. Making sure you comply with tax laws in another. Plus, business taxation impacts your company’s costs. A business lawyer can help navigate tax obligations attached to purchases and sales of businesses and business transactions. He or she can also help you take advantage of deductions and tax credits to improve your bottom line.

The reality is that you may not require a business lawyer for every circumstance. But issues arise where the complexity and time requirements demand the service of a qualified business lawyer.

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