Mark R. Fischer, Jr. Elected Partner at High Swartz

High Swartz is pleased to announce that Mark R. Fischer, Jr. has been elected a partner at the law firm.

Mark R. Fischer, Jr. joined High Swartz in 2009 and has focused his practice primarily on representing businesses in breach of contract, payment collection, construction defect, and consumer protection disputes throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“We are pleased to welcome Mark as the newest partner at High Swartz” said High Swartz Managing Partner Joel D. Rosen. “ His hard work and dedication to his clients and the firm make this a well-deserved achievement. It’s my pleasure to personally congratulate Mark and look forward to his continued growth at High Swartz.”

Mark also represents local municipalities, property owners, and individuals in zoning and land development matters, local code enforcement proceedings, real estate disputes, business transactions, and general civil litigation. Mark has significant experience in both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Courts.

Mark grew up in Lower Bucks County and now lives in Montgomery County with his wife and three children. He attended college at Widener University and obtained his law degree from Villanova University. He has been recognized by Super Lawyers as a top-rated civil litigation attorney and serves as Chair of the Montgomery County Law Reporter Committee.

“Over the years here at High Swartz, I’ve developed great relationships with my fellow attorneys and our staff, and I really appreciate all that they have done to help me get to this point in my legal career” states Mark Fischer. “This is truly a wonderful place to practice law and I am honored to become a partner at this fine law firm.”

Elizabeth C. Early appointed to Montgomery County Family Justice Advisory Board Subcommittee

The Family Justice Advisory Board of Montgomery County has appointed High Swartz Family Law attorney Elizabeth C. Early to its Subcommittee on Support. She joins fellow High Swartz Family attorney Missy Boyd who was appointed Chair of FJAB in May.

High Swartz LLP is pleased to announce that Elizabeth C. Early along with 5 others were appointed to the Subcommittee on Support which serves and reports directly to the Montgomery County Family Justice Advisory Board.

The Family Justice Advisory Board (FJAB) of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the second board of its kind in Pennsylvania, was established by the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas in October of 2018. The mission of FJAB is to examine and address Family Court issues from a systemic and policy perspective and recommend ways in which the Court, public agencies and private organizations can efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively improve the process, programs and institutions.* In turn, the Board makes recommendations to the Court, public policy boards and agencies that affect family law in Montgomery County.

Elizabeth C. Early is a family law attorney whose practice areas include divorce, child custody, child support, equitable distribution and protections from abuse. Liz also serves as a court-appointed counsel and guardian for minor children. Liz serves as a court appointed arbitrator in Montgomery County and also accepts private mediations and arbitrations in family law matters. Earlier this year, Liz completed an intensive training program to become a licensed parenting coordinator. Parenting coordination in Pennsylvania is a tool available to parties in contentious custody cases that aims to help those involved resolve minor custody disputes without repeated trips to the court.

“I am excited to be a part of this dynamic and enthusiastic group" says Liz Early. "Under the guidance of the Family Justice Advisory Board, we hope to improve the support process where necessary and increase accessibility to the support court system.”

Per its bylaws, the FJAB is a Board that will bring together all the various stakeholders from within the county that deal with family court and family matters to facilitate an observation of a systematic policy approach to all issues relating to children and families in our county.

I am thrilled with the initiatives that the Family Judiciary Advisory is pursuing" says FJAB Chair, Melissa Boyd. "We’ve brought a lot of talent onto the Support Subcommittee, including the Director of the Montgomery County Domestic Relations Office, Jaime Trupp, Assistant Director of the Domestic Relations Office, Andrew Henderson , Custody Court Conciliator, Molly Kleinfelter, Esquire, and our other superb committee members, High Swartz’s own Elizabeth Early, Esquire, Christina DeMatteo, Esquire and Lindsay Childs, Esquire. Montgomery County residents will surely be positively impacted by the good work of this Subcommittee.”

Nothing is More Expensive than Hiring a Cheap Divorce Lawyer

While it's tempting to go with a cheap divorce lawyer who can get it done as quickly and as inexpensive as possible, it’s important to understand the associated risks so that you can be smart with how you spend your legal dollars.

Searching online for a cheap divorce lawyer yields hundreds of results, which is not surprising. Those who have come to the likely difficult decision to divorce do not want to spend their savings dissolving the marriage. Below I break down how hiring an experienced divorce lawyer with a higher hourly rate can save you time in money in the long run.

More Experience. A family lawyer’s hourly rate is often commensurate with the level of experience and skill that he or she can bring to a case. This means the cheap divorce lawyer may only be able to provide basic legal advice which could cause you to miss angles and actions that could help your case. While the hourly rate for a more experienced family law attorney might be higher, top divorce lawyers have the expertise to reach better financial terms for you in the separation.

More attentive to your needs. Cheap divorce lawyers often need to take on more clients to reach their revenue goals. Too many cases at once can lead to disorganization and the inability to analyze the pros and cons of decisions as they relate to your case. This also means the cheap divorce won’t be able to provide you with the attention you deserve, as they will be busily balancing communications with other clients.

A top family lawyer has handled many divorce cases before. They will be able to anticipate actions you should take and quickly provide the right advice. The result: more effective attorney-client communication leading to less communication overall, and fewer hours you are billed.

Fewer clients mean more focus. In contrast, some family law attorneys may be cheap because they’re desperately trying to attract clients. If no one else is willing to work with an attorney, you probably don’t want to work with them either - especially in divorce matters. Divorce is personal and emotional. It’s important that you can be open, truthful, and trusting of your divorce lawyer. The ability to work well together and tell your family lawyer personal information may increase your ability to build a strong case and achieve a better outcome. This is one situation where trust is surely worth the price.

Paralegals and associate attorney aid. Typically, there is a team of professionals behind an experienced attorney. The best divorce lawyer helps clients spend their money strategically by assigning portions of the casework to an associate with a lower hourly rate. This gives the client the benefit of the lower hourly rate with the guidance and oversight of an experienced attorney.

Achieve the best results. Perhaps most importantly, the best divorce lawyers usually get the best results. The best lawyer is likely going to have a higher hourly rate but you shouldn’t automatically disregard that “higher-priced” attorney. Paying a higher cost on an hourly basis could actually save you a lot of money over time. Experienced divorce lawyers are likely to be more efficient, and therefore can achieve success on your case while spending less time on it. Thus the client is only paying a fraction of the hourly rate when compared to the expense they may incur getting the cheaper divorce lawyer more up to speed.

A cheap divorce lawyer isn’t always the best or most cost-effective solution. When you add up the sum of what you received in terms of experience, attention, communication, efficiency, and results, the small number becomes a big negative that can quickly impact the outcome of the divorce terms and proceedings.


Can a Landlord Evict a Tenant for Late Rent?

In Pennsylvania, it's a landlord's right to file an order for possession in Magisterial District Court if a tenant fails to make timely rental payments.

Once a landlord receives an eviction judgment from the court, and no appeal is filed, the landlord has the right to request an order for possession of the property from the Court. An order for possession gives a sheriff or constable the right to evict a tenant from the leased property. However, a landlord may be faced with a tenant who wants to make payment of the judgment before the eviction.

Tenants in Pennsylvania have the right to pay and stay under the Landlord Tenant Act.  68 P.S. § 250.503(c).  This means that a tenant can make payment up to the actual time of the eviction and remain in the property.  The landlord would not be permitted to proceed with an eviction. But what amount must the tenant pay? And what amount must a tenant pay if additional rent came due after the date of the judgment?

What amount does the tenant have to pay to stay in the property?

The Landlord Tenant Act requires a tenant to pay “rent actually in arrears and the costs.”  68 P.S. § 250.503(c). This means that the tenant must pay the judgment amount plus the landlord’s costs in obtaining a court order for possession.

How much does the tenant pay if additional rent was due after the date of the court judgment?

In a situation when additional rent comes due after the judgment, a landlord may think that the tenant would also have to pay such additional amounts to remain in the property.  However, this is not correct. A tenant is required to only pay the amount of the judgment plus costs, even if additional rent comes due after the judgment and before the eviction.  Therefore, a landlord may be faced with a situation in which a tenant pays the outstanding judgment, but is still delinquent in rent.  The landlord must then proceed from the beginning with another lawsuit in Magisterial District Court to obtain a judgment and order for possession.

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