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What are Consentable Lines in Pennsylvania?

Proving Consentable Lines and Property Lines in Pennsylvania can be a difficult process.  When an actual, de facto boundary between two adjoining properties exists apart from the legal descriptions of both properties by deed, Pennsylvania Law provides that property lines which are respected and mutually acquiesced to for a statutory prescribed period of twenty-one (21) […]

tenants and bankruptcy can cause major issues for landlords looking to collect rent and regain possession of their property

Tenants and Bankruptcy

Few events are more frustrating to a landlord than tenants and bankruptcy. The uncertainty of whether the tenant will pay outstanding rent, compensate for utilities and late fees, and leave the property can be infuriating. Originally acquired as a source of revenue generation, the property now serves as free housing for a delinquent tenant. Despite […]

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Should I form an LLC for an Investment Property

So you want to invest in real estate, possibly buying one or more investment properties, but are not certain if you should buy them in your own name, as husband and wife or through some form of legal entity. The decisions you make now regarding the purchasing of the real estate could save you time […]

lock and key during the CDC eviction moratorium in need of a landlord/tenant attorney

What Can Landlords Collect During the Eviction Moratorium, and What Can They Obtain After it Expires?

Landlords are eager to collect unpaid rent and repossess their property, but with the CDC’s eviction moratorium in place, what can landlords collect, and when? In May, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf entered an executive order preventing owners of residential properties from evicting their tenants for the tenants’ failure to timely pay their rent. Though renters […]

boundary disputes in pa require the attention of a real estate attorney

Boundary Disputes in Pennsylvania

Boundary disputes between neighbors and their properties are nothing new, and are probably just about as old as the concept of privately-owned real estate. Disputes between adjoining property owners regarding the location of their common property line can arise from a multitude of different factual situations. The property descriptions contained in some ancient deeds written […]

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2021 *Updated* Real Estate Tax Appeal Deadlines in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Tax appeal deadlines are approaching for the filing of tax appeals throughout Pennsylvania. Make sure you know when your appeal must be submitted to be considered for the 2021 tax year. PA County Important Dates Montgomery County: The official deadline for filing appeals in Montgomery County is August 1 – since that date falls on […]

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Stormwater Fees in PA - What You Need to Know

Property Owners in PA looking to challenge their stormwater fees need to understand the requirements regarding how they are structured and assessed. If you’ve read local newspapers or attended local government meetings in Pennsylvania over the past few years, you’re aware of the controversy over stormwater fees. Disgruntled landowners may call the fees “rain taxes,” […]

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PA Commercial Property Owners: Should You Consider Appealing Your Property Tax Assessments During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

May 2020 marks the second month where lost business revenues, unpaid rent and tenant expense reimbursement could have a significant impact on landlords and owners of commercial and residential income producing properties. What can be done? With the near universal loss of business revenue during the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is being affected. Lawmakers have enacted […]

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Delco: You Could Save Money by Appealing Your Property Assessment

If you own property in Delaware County PA, you may be able to challenge the County’s new property assessments. This could mean saving big on taxes in the future. Update: 7/13/20: Pursuant to an emergency order of the Delaware County Court it Common Pleas, the new due date for all assessment appeals has been moved […]

storage unit laws

Storage Unit Laws

Pennsylvania has distinct storage unit laws that protect occupants and owners. And yes, they can auction off your contents. Have you ever seen an episode of Storage Wars and wondered, can someone legally sell property in a storage facility? Storage Wars takes place in California, and I am not here to discuss California law. However, […]