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High Swartz litigation attorneys handle both contested litigation matters and planning and advisory matters for a broad variety of business, employer and nonprofit clients. The firm’s litigation lawyers handle trials, hearings, appeals, and all pre-trial proceedings in federal and state courts and agencies in Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania and other jurisdictions.

Aside from advocacy skills, each group member is trained to act as an advisor, negotiator, and problem solver for the firm’s clients. This training helps the group’s lawyers to prevent and resolve disputes as well as to litigate. These skills are particularly important in areas such as employment law, education law and construction law, which is why the firm has included employment, education and real estate lawyers within the Litigation Group. The goal of our litigation group is to serve organizational and individual clients effectively through a combination of skilled advocacy, practical advice, and knowledge of both the law and the client’s business or personal goals.

What you need to know about Litigation

It’s important to first understand that litigation differs from a lawsuit. The latter represents a civil, legal dispute between a plantiff and defendant. Litigation, however, is the process the lawsuit goes through once filed. So litigation is actually a method for settling a lawsuit or legal dispute.

Make no mistake…litigation can be a time-consuming process. Many trials don’t happen before one year of the suit’s filing. Once begun, some trials take years to conclude. The longer the litigation, the more costly the trial. Costs aside, trials can be stressful, damages are unpredictable, appeals can extend the outcome even longer, and trials are public, unless sealed by a judge. That’s why the majority of cases by some calculations up to 95%, both sides agree to a settlement.

With that in mind, you need a litigation attorney who can navigate towards the best outcome. At High Swartz, we’re concerned about the best outcome for you. Our attorneys will assess the specifics of your case and calculate your risks based on the facts. If litigation is in your best interests, we’ll prepare a sound case in your favor, if not, we’ll discuss a possible settlement and request a favorable terms you can live with based on your personal goals.

Key Factors to consider when pursuing litigation

These are cases where it makes perfect sense to pursue litigation. A great many litigation cases revolve around breach of contract, employment, business disputes, real estate deals, and personal injury.

In determining whether to proceed or not, we assess six key factors:

  1. Risk/Reward: Is what you will gain from litigation worth the cost it will take?
  2. Case Strength: An experienced Litigation attorney can analyze the evidence and assess your chances of winning.
  3. Options: Have other options like mediation or settlement been exhausted?
  4. Privacy: Are you willing to have details of your dispute go public?
  5. Judgement: Even if you win, can you collect? In many instances, the opposition may lack the necessary assets to pay you even if the judgement is awarded in your favor.
  6. Appeals:  If either side believes the pre-trial or trial process was flawed, there are often a number of appellate rights available to correct the problem or require a new trial.

Our goal is to serve you or your organization through a combination of skilled advocacy, practical advice, and knowledge of both the law and, most important, your business or personal goals.

Select the right firm

There are a lot of consideration surrounding litigation. Make sure you get the right legal counsel to make the right decision…Legal counsel that is experienced, diverse, and highly capable. Our litigation lawyers can help you present and resolve disputes as wells as litigate. Our goal is to serve you or your organization through a combination of skilled advocacy, practical advice, and knowledge of both the law and, most important, your business or personal goals.

We’ll put that track to work for your behalf and get you the results you want. Whether it involves a lawsuit or settlement…Just give us a call.


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