Real Estate Litigation

Why High Swartz Should Be Your PA Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

Pennsylvania real estate litigation can often be comprised of complex, multi-party disputes involving large sums of money, unique real estate, sentimental property, and even one’s own home. High Swartz Real Estate Litigation attorneys possess the experience, patience and vision to win, making us your first choice as real estate litigation counsel.

We handle all aspects of real estate litigation, providing the client with a unique understanding of Pennsylvania law and an experienced perspective on the best and most economical way to proceed. Our real estate litigation practice encompasses the entire eastern half of Pennsylvania, and locally Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, Delaware and Philadelphia counties. We have significant experience in actions involving quiet title, adverse possession, boundary disputes, partition, jointly owned real estate, easements, ejectment, title disputes, mechanics' liens, and eminent domain. Our experience allows us to provide our clients with insight on the best strategy to reach our client’s goals. We advise our clients based on years of experience, understanding of the Court system and, most importantly, an understanding of our clients’ expectations. As a visitor to this portal, please use it to view current developments through industry news sources, an in-depth glossary of legal terms, real life Q&As, and blog posts.