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How to Write a Valid Will

How to Write a Valid Will

Do you need a lawyer to create a valid will? Short answer: no. If you have a basic, straightforward estate, you can use an online service to create one. Even so, there are some essentials to ensuring your will is valid. Each state has laws defining what constitutes a valid will. Consequently, making sure you […]

Joel D. Rosen Recognized by Hepatitis B Foundation of Doylestown

The Hepatitis B Foundation recently recognized our Managing Partner, Joel D. Rosen, Esq. for his decades of services as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Joel has been a board member since 2003, and chair of the Board from 2009 until he stepped down last month. A conference room was named after him on their […]

how to collect a judgment

How to Collect a Judgment in Pennsylvania

You and your attorney filed a lawsuit. The county court judge awarded you the verdict. Everything’s great. Right? Well, brace yourself. Because now the tricky part comes – how to collect a judgment. It happens all the time, especially in a small claims judgment. Maybe you’re a landlord trying to evict a delinquent tenant behind […]

the five most important estate planning documents

The 5 Most Important Estate Planning Documents

What are the 5 Most Important Estate Planning Documents? Noted author and financial planner Suze Orman says, "Estate planning is an important and everlasting gift you can give your family." And she's right. But if you create one, you need to do it right. So first, talk with an estate attorney. Second, make sure your […]

Missy Boyd to Present at PBI CLE Regarding Gray Divorce

Missy Boyd to Present at PBI CLE Regarding Gray Divorce

Head of High Swartz’s family law practice, Missy Boyd will be presenting at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s upcoming CLE on Gray Divorce. Missy will specifically be speaking on the alimony portion of senior divorce proceedings. Presenting along with Missy will be Elizabeth S. Campana, Kelley Menzano Fazzini Esq., Carol Sikov Gross Esq., CELA, Jonathan T. […]

Bucks County Custody Cases - Judith Algeo to Present at CLE

Bucks County Custody Cases This CLE is FREE for attorneys who volunteer at the Bucks County Custody Clinic on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 OR for another LASP pro bono case. See information below regarding Bucks County Pro Bono Opportunity.  Interested attorneys must contact Megan Reinprecht at mreinprecht@lasp.org or 484-206-8101 prior to this CLE to attend […]

High Swartz LLP of Montgomery County is pleased to announced that Family Law Attorney Chelsey Christiansen has been selected as the new Treasurer of the MBA YLS

Chelsey A. Christiansen to Speak at MBA Dependency Training CLE

High Swartz family law attorney Chelsey A. Christiansen will continue with Part 2 of the Montgomery Bar Association CLE, essentially an immersion into the dependency system. The CLE, being held at the Bar will be moderated by Sharon Hofer, Esq. and feature other speakers include Craig Bluestein, Esq., Judge Demchick-Alloy, Judge Eisenberg, Judge Ferman, Judge […]

juneteenth is it a national holiday in pennsylvania

High Swartz's Statement in Support of Juneteenth

Although Juneteenth may not be a household term, it represents an extremely important date in the history of our country. High Swartz celebrates equal rights and understands that education and solidarity are important on this day and every day. What is Juneteenth? Juneteenth is a combination of 2 words – June and Nineteenth, or June […]

what if you employer doesn't have workers' comp insurance?

What If My Employer Doesn’t Have Workers Comp?

With limited exceptions, Pennsylvania requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Employees will be happy to know that workers' comp coverage applies to those throughout their employment. But what if your employer doesn’t have workers’ comp? First, your employer faces some harsh penalties. It’s considered a criminal offense where the employer faces fines up to […]

PBI's Family Law Institute 2022 is an interactive and virtual CLE that is a premier event for PA family law attorneys

Elizabeth C. Early to Present at PBI Family Law Institute 2022

PBI's Family Law Institute 2022 is an interactive and virtual CLE known as a premier event for PA family law attorneys. High Swartz family law attorney Elizabeth C. Early will present for during Day Two of the event on April 19th. Her panel will discuss recent appellate decisions with other presenters Adrienne Pierangeli, Kathleen O'Connor, […]