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Joel D. Rosen, Esq. Joins Board of Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research

The High Swartz LLP managing partner joins an impressive board of executives and innovators.

The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) is a prominent international organization focused on finding a cure and enhancing the care provided to sarcoidosis patients through research, education, and support. Since its inception in 2000, FSR has played a pivotal role in fostering sarcoidosis-specific research endeavors, accumulating over $6 million in funding.

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease characterized by the development of granulomas, small clusters of inflammatory cells, in one or more organs of the body. Excessive formation of these clumps can impair the structure and function of affected organs. If left untreated, chronic inflammation can lead to permanent scarring of organ tissues, known as fibrosis.

While the lungs are the primary target in around 90% of cases, sarcoidosis can affect virtually any organ. Despite ongoing research advancements, sarcoidosis remains challenging to diagnose, with limited treatment options and no known cure.

When individuals are diagnosed with a rare disease like sarcoidosis, many face a lack of clear paths to recovery and, in some cases, no chance of healing at all. Unfortunately, there are few treatment options and limited understanding among doctors, researchers, and even patients themselves.

FSR actively facilitates groundbreaking advancements in sarcoidosis research, expediting the translation of promising therapies from the laboratory to patients. Through education, advocacy, resource provision, direct funding, and collaborations, FSR alleviates the suffering of patients while striving towards the ultimate goal of a cure.

Joel D. Rosen provides extensive guidance to a wide range of businesses in matters pertaining to corporate and commercial transactions. His practice encompasses various areas, such as company formation, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, sales, and financing initiatives. He is well-versed in non-profit law, franchise law, business and commercial law, employment law, trademark and copyright law, as well as commercial leasing. Mr. Rosen currently serves on the Boards of three other nonprofit institutions and has served on numerous non-profit Boards over the last twenty years.


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