li shao mba summer 1l program participant from charles widger school of law at villanova university

High Swartz Welcomes Li Shao Via MBA Diversity Internship & Development Program

High Swartz LLP is pleased to announce that Li Shao has joined the firm as a Summer 1L. Li's arrival at the firm comes as part of her participation in the esteemed Robert E. Slota, Jr. Diversity Internship & Development Program, facilitated by the Montgomery Bar Association. This program is dedicated to bridging the gap for underrepresented law students, offering them invaluable opportunities and resources to help them achieve their professional aspirations.

Li's academic background reflects her diverse range of interests and a profound pursuit of knowledge. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in archaeology from Nanjing Normal University in China, Li embarked on a transformative journey to the United States to pursue further studies. She enrolled at the University of Denver, where she studied art history and obtained a master's degree, specializing in contemporary Chinese art from the 1980s to the present day. Art history provided Li with a compelling contrast to the extensive timelines of archaeology.

Li Shao continued her educational journey at the Ohio State University in 2010 as a Ph.D. candidate in Art Policy. This program offered her the invaluable time and resources to delve deep into Chinese policy. Li conducted extensive discourse analysis on various aspects of Chinese cultural, land, population, and economic reform policies from 1978 onward.

Following the completion of her Ph.D. in 2015, Li dedicated her time to writing her book manuscript, which explored the governance and policies of the Chinese Communist Party. During this period, Li's passion for understanding the intricate intersections between law and society became evident, leading her to embark on an American legal studies journey. Li aspires to use law as a tool to combat injustices and safeguard individual liberties.

Currently, Li is a rising 2L at Charles Widger School of Law at Villanova University. In the fall, she will become Treasurer of Villanova's Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA). The group strives to spread cultural awareness throughout the legal community, while advancing the various interests of the Asian American community.

The Montgomery Bar Association's Robert E. Slota Summer 1L Diversity Program reflects High Swartz's commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The firm's participation in this program not only enriches the experiences of rising 2L students like Li but also provides the firm with invaluable real-world insights within the regional legal landscape. This opportunity allows High Swartz to mentor and guide aspiring legal professionals while fostering a more diverse and inclusive legal community.

Li Shao's exceptional academic achievements, coupled with her diverse background and commitment to cultural awareness, make her a valuable addition to High Swartz LLP. Li's unique perspectives and dedication to bridging cultural divides promise to make a significant impact on both her professional endeavors and the legal community as a whole.


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