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How to Qualify for Disability

Social Security uses a strict 5-step process to determine if you qualify for disability. That's true regardless of whether you apply for SSDI or SSI benefits. If you're questioning how to qualify for disability, you are unlikely to receive benefits if you don't match the criteria listed in the below steps. So let's get to […]

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Can You Get SSI for a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis?

Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and unable to work owing to the severity of your condition? If so, you may be wondering if you can get SSI for Fibromyalgia. Before applying for SSD benefits, you should be aware of how the Social Security Administration views Fibromyalgia. The SSA requires rigorous evidence that you will […]

Social security disability claims in 2021

Navigating the Social Security Disability Benefits Application Process in 2021

COVID-19-related restrictions impacted the way Social Security processed disability claims and appeals. Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. Obtaining medical records from applicants’ medical providers is a crucial part of processing applications for disability. COVID-19 has affected the staffing of physicians’ offices resulting in long delays in obtaining those records. Social […]

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Denied Social Security Disability Benefits? Here are your options.

Being denied disability benefits is frustrating, especially during the pandemic. Where to start? How long will it take? You have 3 options moving forward. If you are denied social security disability benefits, it’s important to understand it might not be your fault. At this point it may be beneficial to enlist the help of a […]

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Social Security Disability: Meeting the Financial and Medical Eligibility Requirements

Being diagnosed with a potentially disabling medical condition and not being able perform the work you used to do is not a guarantee that you will be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. There are stringent rules and requirements, both financial and medical, which must be met in order to be approved for Social Security […]

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You May Be Entitled to Multiple Disability Benefits! The Eligibility Requirements and the Interactions Between the Benefits Programs

If you are disabled, you may be entitled to disability benefits through multiple benefit programs. Before applying for disability benefits from multiple programs, it is important to know how benefit programs interact and how each applying for one benefit may affect your eligibility for another for other benefits.  Knowing what is available to you and […]

Protz: Recent Supreme Court Ruling is Game Changer for Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Claims

August 17, 2017 By Linay L. Haubert Once a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claimant qualifies for wage benefits, that claimant is generally entitled to continue receiving these wage benefits until her or his right to wage benefits ends or is modified either by (1) agreement of the parties (usually in the form of a settlement) (2) […]