Pennsylvania School Districts and their School Boards face daunting responsibilities. Each school district law is unique. Don't go it alone.

School boards oversee the educational standards for a diverse range of students and schools, often covering a wide geographical area. PA School districts often cross economic and cultural lines, and, at times, effective legal representation is necessary to make certain all proper procedures are being followed and to take action in case of disputes between students, teachers, or parents.

Whether your school district oversees primary or secondary schools, the Bucks and Montgomery County education attorneys at High Swartz are ready to assist you with all your legal needs. We can help schools explore ways to reduce tax burdens and set proper standards for faculty and students. If you're looking to expand, we'll help you understand zoning laws and settle disputes over land use while making sure you negotiate the best contracts for construction or employment. And, if you find yourself on the wrong end of litigation, we'll fight to defend you against charges that can drain your school district of its limited funds and your staff of valuable time.

When it comes to supervising an entire school district, there's always more to do. Let us ease that burden by providing you with effective legal representation in a wide range of legal matters that affect school districts across Pennsylvania.

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