Don't Take Chances with Employee Handbook Creation

Our employment lawyers work with business owners, executives, and human resource professionals to ensure proper employee handbook creation. A comprehensive handbook with clear and well-drafted policies is critical to litigation avoidance or victory.

Ensuring your employees have access to the standards they will be disciplined with prevents needless confusion and resultant dissatisfaction. Furthermore, clear-cut rules on disciplinary procedures, leave and attendance policies and reporting/complaint procedures create certainty for employers and employees if difficulties arise.

Because employment laws are frequently evolving, you must audit your employee handbook and policies regularly to ensure continued compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. A comprehensive review of your manual may also locate holes that could make your company vulnerable. With years of experience in the field, High Swartz employment attorneys are adept at finding potential areas of concern and revising relevant policies to conform to the requirements of all applicable laws.

If you are looking for an employment lawyer near you to craft or edit your employee handbooks or policies, call our law offices serving Bucks County and Montgomery County. We'll be able to work with you to create the documents and policies an employer needs to excel in now and in the future.

Employee Handbook & Policies Attorneys

Thomas D. Rees

Thomas D. Rees | labor employment Attorney | High Swartz Attorneys at Law

Labor & Employment Attorney Thomas D. Rees handles litigation and dispute resolution for businesses and schools in and around Pennsylvania.

Joel D. Rosen

Joel Rosen | corporate law attorney at High Swartz Attorneys for Law

Managing Partner and corporate law attorney Joel D. Rosen has 30+ years experience practicing law in employment, franchise and business areas.

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