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Independent schools also known as private schools offer a welcome breath of freedom that isn't always available in publicly funded institutions. They have more leeway in how they choose to educate their students, setting their agendas along religious or cultural lines, or offering particular services to assist those with special needs or interests.

Even with that degree of flexibility, regulations still must be followed. The Bucks and Montgomery County education attorneys at High Swartz have years of proven experience in handling such matters, helping to pave the way for the smooth operation of your independent school while keeping you free from legal entanglements. We will find solutions that work within your budget and make sense for your unique brand of learning.

Our lawyers can help you understand laws pertaining to special education, discrimination, harassment, and student discipline, providing our high-quality services with the strictest confidentiality. We will communicate all options clearly, helping you to make the best choices for your staff and your students.

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Labor & Employment Attorney Thomas D. Rees handles litigation and dispute resolution for businesses and schools in and around Pennsylvania.

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