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Our knowledge and experience within the Mid-Atlantic states allow our litigation clients to avoid the need to search for local attorneys in different jurisdictions when a need arises. High Swartz Litigation has the unique ability to be your comprehensive and wide-ranging solution to your regional legal needs.

We may be smaller in size, but our locations just outside Philadelphia allow us to cover the same areas as larger firms. And we don’t just have multiple attorneys barred in the region, we regularly practice in states outside PA. Being a suburban law firm also provides a cost-effective solution to bigger city firms that may offer the same multistate litigation services. High Swartz offers peace-of-mind in knowing that your legal needs are the right hands.

Our Litigation Attorneys

Our litigation team has multiple attorneys with bar admissions in jurisdictions including eastern and western Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. And it’s with years of experience and success that High Swartz has been able to form strategic alliances with multiple law firms in Delaware and West Virginia. All of these factors aid us in covering the gamut of litigation matters throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. Our team specializes in but is not limited to matters involving:

  • Commercial Business Litigation
    • Commercial business disputes
    • Litigation Defense
  • Construction Litigation
    • Contractor Disputes
    • Construction defects
  • Real Estate Litigation
    • Collections
    • Insurance
    • Landlord tenant
  • Employment Litigation
    • Breach of contract cases
    • Employee non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
    • Trade secret issues
    • Defamation and business disparagement
    • Intentional interference with contractual relations
    • Wrongful discharge
    • Contract disputes
    • Employment discrimination
  • Education Litigation
    • Private school discipline matters

State-specific Legal Matters

Below is a list of specific litigation matters High Swartz has handled in Mid-Atlantic states.

Pennsylvania: Mechanics Lien Law, Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act, Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act, Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, Landlord Tenant Act, subpoena preparation, subpoena serving, subpoena disputes, subpoena responses, Wrongful discharge, Employment contracts, Employee non-competition contracts, Employee non-solicitation contracts, Trade secrets, Intentional interference with contract, Breach of contract, Private education law (disciplinary and academic dismissals), Arbitrator subpoenas, Zoning and land development appeals, Tax exemption appeals

New Jersey: NJ Consumer Fraud Act, NJ Construction Lien Laws, Attorney General Office’s Complaints- Division of Consumer Affairs, NJ Arbitrator Immunity Act, employee non-competition agreements, NJ Conscientious Employee Protection Act, NJ Law Against Discrimination, bankruptcy litigation

New York: Construction defect litigation, Defamation claims, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act litigation, bankruptcy litigation

Maryland: Failure to Pay Rent, Wrongful Detainer, Rent Escrow, Landlord Tenant act

Virginia: Unlawful Detainer

Our Locations

High Swartz law offices are located in Southeastern PA, situated in Montgomery County and Bucks County, just outside of Philadelphia. This allows our litigation attorneys to easily access many different cities and areas in the Mid-Atlantic states. Whether it’s a hearing in Richmond, Va, or Binghamton, NY, High Swartz can assist.

To put our central location into perspective, we've listed a small sample of city distances by drive time with which the High Swartz litigation team has appeared  below.

In Pennsylvania, High Swartz is:

30 minutes from Philadelphia.

90 minutes from Harrisburg.

90 minutes from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

4.5 hours to Pittsburgh.


From New Jersey, we are: 

40 minutes from Trenton.

90 minutes from Newark.


From New York State, High Swartz is:

1 hour, 40 minutes from New York City.

2 hours, 40 minutes from Binghamton.


Washington, DC: High Swartz is 2.5 hours away.



2 hours from Baltimore.

3 hours from Somerset County.



4.5 hours from Richmond.

5.5 hours from Norfolk.

Multi-state Litigation Support  – The Local Counsel Solution for Law Firms

Our location and experience in multi-state litigation matters has helped us develop a name for ourselves. We have been called upon in the past to support larger out-of-town law firms based in Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC. These law firms understand that in many cases, local legal experience is needed.

We could go on, but feel it's plain to see that High Swartz has the litigation experience and centralized location that our clients require. When making a decision for a regional or local attorney in the Mid-Atlantic, consider contacting us.


*Distances to states and cities are for spatial reference only and online content is not subject to matter negotiation.





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