Contested will? We can help.

Contested or disputed wills may be challenged based on a number of factors: the terms of an individual's inheritance as stated in a will, the spousal statutory right, the validity of a will (including claims of forgery, undue influence or lack of capacity) and claims of breach of fiduciary duty and theft in relation to the administration of an estate.

We represent heirs, trustees and personal representatives, filing actions to capture and recover assets that have been misappropriated while the owner was incompetent or unable to resist the influence of those close to him or her. We also file actions against the government to recover assets seized for taxes.

Trust disputes involve contests over the administration of trusts, breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation of funds, interpretation of the terms of the trust in light of modern law and failure of the trustee to act.

If you need assistance with estate litigation, contested wills or want to contest a will, give us a call. Our estate planning lawyers will help.

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