Our real estate attorneys have extensive real estate tax law experience not only in Montgomery County but also in counties throughout eastern Pennsylvania like Philadelphia, and also New Jersey. We have pursued tax assessment appeals for properties of all types, including affordable rental housing, utility, and condominium properties, as well as tax exemptions for properties owned by non-profit entities.

Our real estate attorneys have negotiated payment in lieu of tax (“PILOT”) agreements and real estate tax abatements for new construction under Pennsylvania’s Local Economic Revitalization Tax Act (“LERTA”) throughout the Commonwealth, and have participated in the negotiation of tax increment financing agreements with local taxing officials. Our real estate attorneys are also familiar with the complexities of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia’s real estate transfer tax statutes and regulations.

If you’re confused by tax laws or facing a legal issue and need a real estate attorney near you, call our law firm. We have offices in Doylestown and Norristown in Pennsylvania and in Cherry Hill in New Jersey.

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Tenants and Bankruptcy

Few events are more frustrating to a landlord than tenants and bankruptcy. The uncertainty of whether the tenant will pay outstanding rent, compensate for utilities and late fees, and leave the property can be infuriating. Originally acquired as a source

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Should I form an LLC for an Investment Property

So you want to invest in real estate, possibly buying one or more investment properties, but are not certain if you should buy them in your own name, as husband and wife or through some form of legal entity. The decisions you make now regarding the purchasing

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Boundary Disputes in Pennsylvania

Boundary disputes between neighbors and their properties are nothing new, and are probably just about as old as the concept of privately-owned real estate. Disputes between adjoining property owners regarding the location of their common property line

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Stormwater Fees in PA – What You Need to Know

Property Owners in PA looking to challenge their stormwater fees need to understand the requirements regarding how they are structured and assessed. If you’ve read local newspapers or attended local government meetings in Pennsylvania over the past

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As a successful law firm for over 100 years, High Swartz can attribute many of its

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