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Co-Parenting Tips for Vacation Season

Follow These Co-Parenting Tips for Single Parents Seeking a Stress-Free Summer. I developed this post to help parents and their family lawyers plan for the slew of legal co-parenting complications the summer might bring. Without the structure of school, even the tightest co-parenting plans face challenges. Whether an uncoupling was friendly or not, it takes […]

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The Meaning of Gray Divorce or Divorce After 50

It's growing more common for couples to divorce after 50 and later in life. It's also becoming more socially accepted. So let's take a closer look at the meaning of gray divorce. Sometimes, people finally feel financially stable enough for a gray divorce. Perhaps, they've reached a certain age and are ready for something different. […]

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Date of Separation and What PA Courts Consider During a Divorce

In many cases, divorcing couples don’t realize that the exact date of separation may be crucial within the divorce process. When I meet clients who are seeking a divorce, they often casually tell me that their marriage “really” ended months or years earlier, they just stayed married legally. They’ve typically chosen to uphold their legal […]

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Child Support Termination in Pennsylvania

Child support termination and when payments can stop are substantial and nuanced questions we often receive as family law attorneys. Child support payments contribute to a variety of expenses that fall to the parent with custody. These can include medical fees, children's school and activity expenses, and food and clothing necessities. These court-ordered payments commonly […]

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Divorce Checklist

Divorce is never easy, even more so if you have children involved. But if you’ve decided a divorce is the only way out, make sure you’re completely prepared. Use this divorce checklist to ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to make the process as smooth as possible and reach the fairest outcome for everyone involved. […]

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Tips for Helping Your Case for Child Custody in PA

Apart from talking with a child custody attorney, here are some tips that can help you in the event your custody case to be decided by a judge or arbitrator. When custody is part of a divorce or just the amicable split of an unmarried couple, most parties hope the child custody arrangements can be […]

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Nothing is More Expensive than Hiring a Cheap Divorce Lawyer

While it's tempting to go with a cheap divorce lawyer who can get it done as quickly and as inexpensive as possible, it’s important to understand the associated risks so that you can be smart with how you spend your legal dollars. Searching online for a cheap divorce lawyer yields hundreds of results, which is […]

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The Mental Health Procedures Act

The Mental Health Procedures Act (MHPA), despite its limitations, presents a way for teenagers to seek treatment for mental health issues. Up until a child reaches the age of eighteen, parents typically make all of the decisions for their children, including where they live, where they go to school and what their medical treatment is. […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Social Media and Divorce

June 20, 2017 By Melissa M. Boyd Social media is a constant presence in our lives. It has become a forum for us to catch up with friends across distances, share our triumphs large and small, and feel more connected to family. As such, social networking can be a positive experience. Yet it can be […]

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Reasons for Adjusting Child Support Payments in Pennsylvania Family Law Cases

March 30, 2016 By: Melissa Boyd Shortly after getting married, you and your spouse agree that you will leave your job to be at home with the family. Ten years later, you and your spouse decide to separate. The court awards you child support. After a few years, you experience life changes that make the […]