emily bushnell executive director at High Swartz LLP law firm

Emily Bushnell Elevated to Executive Director at High Swartz LLP

High Swartz is pleased to announce that firm administrator, Emily Bushnell, has been promoted to executive director. She steps in for departing, Joanne DiFrancesco who was in the position for over 11 years.

“I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Joanne over the last 6 years here at High Swartz. I could not have asked for a better mentor; she played a pivotal role during her time here. Joanne is well loved by all at this firm and will be sorely missed. Joanne oversaw a number of projects, big and small, contributing to the health and wealth of the firm. I fully intend to continue this momentum. These are big shoes to fill, and I’m honored to take on this role."

Emily began at the firm in 2016 as the executive assistant to DiFrancesco and managing partner, Joel D. Rosen. DiFrancesco was a mentor to Emily from the get-go.

Said DiFrancesco, “Though I am moving on, High Swartz is in excellent hands. Emily Bushnell has been part of the firm’s leadership succession plan for over 2 years, and is ready, willing, and highly able to take on her new role as executive director with confidence.”

Emily took on training and technology responsibilities in 2018, raising the standard for staff and attorneys. Throughout, Emily displayed an eagerness to employ new systems and strategies at the firm. She was at the forefront of the firm's transition into two legal management software conversions which were paramount to the firm's navigation through the pandemic.

"The pandemic was a challenge to many firms. Emily took the necessary steps to implement the right software at the right time that allowed our attorneys and staff to flourish remotely," said firm marketing director, Tom Gabor.

Emily lives in Ardmore with her daughter Izzy, who's curiosity was the key to a major life moment for her mother in 2021. Izzy discovered through a DNA matching website that Emily has an identical twin, who was adopted separately from her as newborn in South Korea. A whirlwind of emotions led to a year of meeting and catching up with each other's families.

Currently, you can watch Emily and her twin Molly Sinert, on season 34 of The Amazing Race on CBS. Episodes air on Wednesdays at 10pm EST. Racing around the world with your newfound identical twin is an extraordinary way to get to know each other!

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