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temporary restraining orders in new jersey can be obtained with the help of a family law attorney

Temporary Restraining Orders – What are the Options in New Jersey?

Domestic violence in New Jersey can include anything from serious physical violence to harassment as it is defined under the statute. When there is an allegation of domestic abuse in New Jersey, a victim can seek the protection of the Court. This is done by applying for a temporary restraining order. You can consult with […]

divorce checklist | Pennsylvania | High Swartz

Divorce Checklist

Divorce is never easy, even more so if you have children involved. But if you’ve decided a divorce is the only way out, make sure you’re completely prepared. Use this divorce checklist to ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to make the process as smooth as possible and reach the fairest outcome for everyone involved. […]

divorced mother with daughter happy to receive the 2021 child tax credit

2021 Child Tax Credit: Which Divorced Parent Gets It?

Before 2018, listing a dependent child on the federal tax return meant a per person exemption resulting in paying less federal taxes. From 2018 to 2025 the dependency exemption is suspended. For now, the issue of child dependency is still relevant but more complicated. Let’s begin with a scenario: a married couple with two minor […]

woman looking at social media on her phone amid a divorce

Social Media and Divorce – 5 Tips to Follow Right Now

Understand that anything you type, post, or reply can and will be used against you in a court of law. It seems like we can't turn on the news today without hearing about yet another social media or texting disaster. We watched the downward spiral of Armie Hammer’s career due to his social media posts […]

divorcing couple own a business together how the pandemic will affect it

How Might the Pandemic and The CARES Act Impact a Divorcing Couple’s Business?

Beware: the CARES Act may distort business cash flows from 2020. Almost every business faced an unusual year in 2020. When the pandemic hit, work slowed dramatically then came the whiplash effect. In particular the sweeping Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provided short term help for many businesses. While the hospitality and […]

children travelling in a plane during covid whose parents are divorced who share custody

Traveling Abroad with Children When You Share Custody

Traveling abroad with children for parents who are separated can present several unique challenges. Air travel with your children is a special event for a family. But it can be difficult to get on the same with parents of shared custody. Reviewing your options with a child custody lawyer may be your best bet before […]

father carrying a baby receiving a child support modification from family law attorney

PA Support Modifications in the Time of COVID-19

In light of the pandemic and its impact on employment and income, is it possible you are paying too much or receiving too little under your current child, spousal, or APL support order? Do you currently have a support order (child/spousal/APL) in place? Has your income been affected by the coronavirus pandemic? Are you concerned, […]

daughter baking with mother who received child stimulus payment support from family law attorney

Which Parent Gets the $500 Child Stimulus Payment and How Does It Impact Support?

The CARES Act is distributing $500 stimulus payments for each qualifying child during the coronavirus pandemic. For those that are divorced, which parent gets it? Family Law Attorney Elizabeth Early explains. Disclaimer: The regulations and guidance relating to the CARES Act payments continue to develop and are far from complete. The guidance in this blog […]

happy mother picking up kids from father after amicable divorce

5 Tips for an Amicable Divorce

It sounds like any oxymoron. An amicable divorce? It’s possible, by following these tips from Family Law Attorney, Elizabeth C. Early. Consider using a neutral third party to guide legal discussion. The inside of a courtroom is not the best environment for cooperative settlement discussions and solution seeking if you’re trying to arrive at an […]

earning capacity for father with newborn

"Earning Capacity” and What It Means for Child Support Payments

When a marriage is ending, one of the first issues that must be addressed is the amount of child support payments that must be paid. The first task in calculating child support, whether it be spousal support, alimony pendente lite or child support, is calculating the parties’ income available for support. What is considered income? […]