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business group agreeing on an LLC operating agreement

What is an LLC Operating Agreement?

An operating agreement is essential if you're forming a limited liability corporation (LLC). An LLC operating agreement, also referred to as an LLC agreement, establishes the business' financial and managerial duties, including rules, regulations, and provisions. In short, it governs the internal operations of the company. As an LLC, the operating agreement addresses various issues […]

beach house purchased by real estate LLC

Should I form an LLC for an Investment Property?

So you want to invest in real estate, possibly buying one or more investment properties, but are not certain if you should buy them in your own name, as husband and wife or through some form of legal entity. The decisions you make now regarding the purchasing of the real estate could save you time […]

store closed sign on business that shuttered during pandemic without business interruption insurance

Business Interruption Insurance in PA – Are You Really Covered During the Pandemic?

Many business owners had insurance policies that included “business interruption” coverage. If the pandemic isn’t business interruption, what is? As the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 swept into the United States and stay at home orders and mandatory business closures rolled out of governors’ offices like water over Niagara Falls, business owners, small, medium and […]

fdd item by item breakdown by franchise attorney joel d rosen

Understanding the Franchise Disclosure Document

Getting to know the types of franchise disclosures and some of the red flags can be very helpful to any prospective franchisee. If you have ever looked into acquiring a franchise, you are probably familiar with the term Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”), which is a newer term for and for Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (“UFOC”). […]

Impeach stamp in red

A Primer on Impeachment in the United States According to the U.S. Constitution

November 21, 2017 By Joel D. Rosen Impeachment. It is a term that has been raised by political opponents, whether or not warranted, since the ratification of the Constitution, but seemingly with more frequency since the Nixon administration. Impeachment is now being raised in discussions regarding President Trump. But what do we know about the […]

Reading between the lines: What is in a Franchise Agreement?

July 2, 2015 By Joel D. Rosen, Esquire Deciding what kind of business opportunity you want to embark on can be challenging. There are countless industry segments and businesses that make your initial decisions daunting. If you are torn between a franchise or an independent business, read this article for some advice To Be a […]