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What the heck is a Confession of Judgment?

A Confession of Judgement is one of those terms you may have heard of if you have ever obtained a business loan or signed a commercial lease. Even if you have heard that phrase, chances are you have no idea what it means. And chances are you signed those loan or lease documents anyway.  This […]

Want a Judge instead of an Arbitrator?

September 6, 2017 by Donald Petrille, Jr. If you want your case heard by a Judge instead of an Arbitrator - Be sure to read those forms! The Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently decided the case of Fellerman v. PECO.  The case involved a homeowner who alleged a home inspector failed to find a rotting […]

Breaking Down “BYOD” Policies

February 14, 2017 The explosion of smartphones, tablets and technology generally, has inevitably resulted in employees performing work tasks on their personal devices.  In the age of the ever present smartphone, and for many, the accompanying compulsion to stay constantly connected, employers and employees find themselves balancing the benefits and pitfalls of employees using their […]

Reducing No-Fault Divorce Separation to One Year: The Significant Impact on Divorcing Couples with Business Interests

January 26, 2017 By Mary Cushing Doherty Before Pennsylvania’s Act 102 became law in late 2016, parties to a divorce in most Pennsylvania counties were unable to meet with a divorce Master until they had established grounds.  Without both parties filing Consents to the divorce, the delay put the business owner’s livelihood at risk.  To […]