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Is crowdfunding taxed? | blog by Mary LaSota of High Swartz LLP

Is Crowdfunding Taxed?

An elderly man beaten with a brick on July 4th in Los Angeles is in critical condition. A German Shepherd is beaten and shot while protecting his young owner during a burglary. Then, there is the little girl born prematurely who needs tests, treatments, doctors and surgeries to survive. In each of these situations, the […]

how to plan a funeral

How to Plan a Funeral

People love to make plans-the perfect wedding, that dream vacation, a comfortable retirement, the kitchen remodel.  Making plans is one of the great joys of life- except for when it comes to making plans for the end of it. Understandably, we don’t like to think about—much less make specific plans for—our own deaths or the […]

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Revocable Living Trust: Not the Magic Bullet

So what is a revocable living trust?  A trust is a legal written agreement between various individuals:  The individuals involved include the trustmaker, who is the person that creates the trust agreement (also commonly referred to as the grantor, trustor or settlor); the trustee, who is the person that manages the trust assets; and the […]

The Survivor Takes All… NOT ALWAYS

September 27, 2017 by Mary R. LaSota Married without a Will in Pennsylvania?  Do you think your surviving spouse will inherit everything?  Think Again.  For those assets that are not disposed of by Will, or by a beneficiary designation (i.e., 401(k), insurance proceeds, IRA) or by survivorship rights (i.e., tenancy by the entirety, joint tenancy […]

Pitfalls of Joint Bank Accounts

March 29, 2017 When you find yourself faced with the task of helping an aging parent with their banking and bill paying, making his or her bank account a joint account may seem like the easy answer.  However, there are several pitfalls that you should be aware of before you or your parent takes this […]