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social security administration building

Do I qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits? The 5-Step Process

Regardless of whether you are applying for SSDI and/or SSI benefits, Social Security uses a 5-step sequential process to determine whether an applicant qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits. First, it may be beneficial to go over the differences between SSDI and SSI and how they pertain to you. Step 1 – Are you working? […]

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Do I Need to Pay Philadelphia City Wage Tax During the Pandemic?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought many changes to our lives, requiring masks when leaving the house, frequent hand washing, and (for many people) work from home. For suburbanites who work in the City of Philadelphia, there is an unexpected twist from Governor Wolf’s stay at home order – in the form of a tax refund. […]

businessmen figuring out the alternate valuation date for federal estate tax purposes

What is an Alternate Valuation Date for Federal Estate Tax Purposes?

You may have heard about the “alternate valuation date” when valuing assets for federal estate tax purposes during estate administration. Generally, when a person dies, the personal representative is required to value the decedent’s assets as of the date of death. However, under federal estate tax law, the personal representative can do so up to […]

Ethical Issues for Lawyers in High Profile Cases

High profile legal matters can be exciting to handle. But these same cases present risks that can jeopardize a lawyer’s standing and reputation. At one time or another in our careers, many of us will handle legal matters with high public visibility. The recognition can build our reputation and our confidence. But high-profile work brings […]

Multi-state Litigation (Mid-Atlantic)

Our knowledge and experience within the Mid-Atlantic states allow our litigation clients to avoid the need to search for local attorneys in different jurisdictions when a need arises. High Swartz Litigation has the unique ability to be your comprehensive and wide-ranging solution to your regional legal needs. We may be smaller in size, but our […]

college kid needs a medical power of attorney during the pandemic

College-Bound Kids? Why a Power of Attorney is More Important Than Ever

With the possibility of students returning to school during a pandemic, making sure they make the right decisions regarding their health is paramount. Colleges and univerisities across the country are releasing their return-to-school plans in an effort to address the uncertainty for students and staff. Will in-class teaching be available? Will every student be able […]

suburban pa house where resident got a real estate tax appeal

2021 *Updated* Real Estate Tax Appeal Deadlines in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Tax appeal deadlines are approaching for the filing of tax appeals throughout Pennsylvania. Make sure you know when your appeal must be submitted to be considered for the 2021 tax year. PA County Important Dates Montgomery County: The official deadline for filing appeals in Montgomery County is August 1 – since that date falls on […]

raindrops falling in municipality recently enacting stormwater fees

Stormwater Fees in PA – What You Need to Know

Property Owners in PA looking to challenge their stormwater fees need to understand the requirements regarding how they are structured and assessed. If you’ve read local newspapers or attended local government meetings in Pennsylvania over the past few years, you’re aware of the controversy over stormwater fees. Disgruntled landowners may call the fees “rain taxes,” […]

signing a non-solicitation agreement with the help of an employment lawyer

Non-Solicitation Agreements- The Third Rail of Employee Mobility Law

When an ex-employee works for a competitor, the violation of a non-compete covenant is clear-cut. But few employment contracts define what it means to “solicit”. What is a non-solicitation agreement? Non-solicitation agreements prevent a departing employee from soliciting the old employer’s customers or workforce to do business or work with a new employer. These clauses […]

employer writing on tablet seeking an employment attorney to research after-acquired evidence

Employers Can Now Use After-Acquired Evidence in Court to Show Employee Wasn’t Qualified For the Job

The Anthony decision provides welcome support for employers who find that a discrimination plaintiff has concealed a lack of basic credentials to hold a job. In April 2020, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that an employer can defeat an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claim with after-acquired evidence that the ex-employee lacked a […]