Gil High

The preservation of open space and the natural environment is a goal to which all of us should be committed.  A leading organization committed to this goal in southeastern Montgomery County is the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust, PERT for short!  I have served on the Board of Directors of this Trust for many years and participated first hand in the work they do to acquire open space in the Pennypack Creek watershed, and then to restore and maintain that open space.  PERT presently owns 800+ acres along the Pennypack Creek in Upper Moreland and Lower Moreland Townships and the Borough of Bryn Athyn.  This watershed is endangered by flooding and the runoff of environmentally damaging pollutants from adjacent properties.  PERT works to clean up accumulated debris from the Creek and to inform adjacent municipalities on modern methods of stormwater discharge and recharge.  It maintains the trust property as a natural habitat for migratory birds by planting crops on which such birds feed.  It is a refuge for dozens of species of wildlife, including a sizable population of wild turkey.  The natural forest is maintained by removing invasive species and rejuvenated by the planting of hundreds of trees annually.  The vast property is a place of respite and relaxation for the public, which is invited to explore miles of natural trails on the site.  Finally PERT presents numerous educational programs available monthly to inform adults and young people as well on the many ways the natural environment sustains us all and the importance of its preservation.  PERT is supported by and dependent on the membership of hundreds of local families.  If you live in the area and are not a member, you owe it to yourself and your community to do so.  Join now! More information can be found at

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