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IRS Issues Payroll Tax Deferral Guidance – What You Need to Know

Given the sparse guidance, there is currently a lot of leeway in how employers can implement the tax deferral holiday. On August 8, 2020, President Trump declared an optional payroll tax deferral holiday for the employee portion of social security taxes. The IRS issued guidance for employers to implement the deferral program on August 28, […]

businessmen figuring out the alternate valuation date for federal estate tax purposes

What is an Alternate Valuation Date for Federal Estate Tax Purposes?

You may have heard about the “alternate valuation date” when valuing assets for federal estate tax purposes during estate administration. Generally, when a person dies, the personal representative is required to value the decedent’s assets as of the date of death. However, under federal estate tax law, the personal representative can do so up to […]

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A Small Business Game Plan to Follow During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Feeling sick about your business during these uncertain times? Doylestown Attorney Donald Petrille offers a to-do list for small business owners that can help position themselves for what lies ahead. The COVID-19 virus biggest casualty so far has been our small business community. Washington is working on a number of measures to give our small […]

guardianship tracking system in pa

Guardianship Tracking System (GTS) Online Workshops for Spring 2020

The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) is offering a series of online workshops that educate guardians that are court-appointed on how to navigate the newly-created GTS or Guardianship Tracking System. The GTS allows the guardians of incapacitated adults to file annual reports and inventory online. The workshops are accessed online and conducted through an […]

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Advanced Healthcare Directives in PA

Advanced Healthcare Directives are a necessary group of documents when planning an estate of a loved one, no matter their age. When planning your estate, it is often the best time to discuss how you would like your health care decisions to be made with a living attorney near you in the event you cannot […]

Want a Judge instead of an Arbitrator?

September 6, 2017 by Donald Petrille, Jr. If you want your case heard by a Judge instead of an Arbitrator - Be sure to read those forms! The Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently decided the case of Fellerman v. PECO.  The case involved a homeowner who alleged a home inspector failed to find a rotting […]

When is a Will Really a Will?

January 10, 2017 By Donald Petrille, Jr. The rules for executing a Will in Pennsylvania are simple and clear.  Unfortunately, life, and its circumstances, often are not, and these circumstances can unwittingly lead to a Will contest. Pennsylvania law is clear.  If someone signs a document which is intended to dispose of property or other […]