A Protection from Abuse (PFA) Order will carry long term consequences. At High Swartz LLP, we are experienced in representing both victims of abuse and respondents to a Protection from Abuse Complaint. Whether you are seeking to protect yourself or believe that a Protection from Abuse action was wrongfully filed against you, our attorneys will advocate on your behalf and seek to protect your immediate and future interests.

If domestic violence is alleged and a PFA complaint is filed, a hearing on the PFA matter is sometimes the first contact the parties have with the family court system. Because a PFA can have a significant impact on the possession of a jointly occupied residence, custody of minor children and support, it is highly recommended that both the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator obtain legal representation by an experienced attorney. The request for a PFA Order often comes in the midst of marital strife or a contested divorce.

A Temporary Order may be entered the day the complaint is filed, requiring the respondent to vacate the home immediately. While the Protection from Abuse litigation is being addressed, we continue to work with our clients to help them handle all the legal issues surrounding marriage dissolution. Additionally, one of the most significant aspects of a PFA order is the fact that if the plaintiff alleges that a Temporary Order or final PFA Order is violated, the defendant can be arrested and incarcerated pending a hearing on the charge of Indirect Criminal Contempt. The need for representation at that hearing is critical.

Expungement of a PFA Order is a question we hear a lot. The answer depends on how far the PFA  in PA progressed, says Family Law Attorney, Elizabeth C. Early. Read on for more insight.

Domestic violence and abuse situations can be dangerously volatile. You need to act quickly to protect yourself and your family from harm from an abusive family member or from a fabricated claim of abuse. Don't wait too long. You have the right under Pennsylvania law to quickly get protection - or defend your rights and interests. Our family law attorneys provide targeted advice and aggressive representation in regard to all Protection From Abuse matters.

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