Mary Cushing Doherty leads CLE Training on Helping Clients Achieve Financial Stability After Divorce

On April 17, Mary Cushing Doherty co-led with Michael Fingerman a CLE training providing practical information to those looking for financial stability after the often devastating effects of divorce. The CLE was offered by Philadelphia VIP who utilizes the powers of the community to provide quality legal services to ensure justice to low-income Philadelphians.

It is very difficult to obtain even the simplest divorce without the help of a family law attorney. Procedural hurdles, long waiting periods and pleadings make the process difficult for both sides in a divorce. The percentages don't lie-it's almost 90% more likely for a pro se (Latin for "for oneself, on one's own behalf) litigant to receive a divorce settlement within 3 years if they utilize a divorce attorney. Unfortunately, close to 85% of the Philadelphia divorce population proceed it alone.

The CLE training provided important information that many low-income Philadelphians need when proceeding as pro se. The CLE also went in depth about equitable distribution and could earn attendees 2 substantive CLE credits.

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