David Brooman Thomas Panzer Gilbert High at Municipal's Solicitors Workshop for High Swartz

David Brooman, Tom Panzer and Gil High Attend PA Municipal Solicitor's Workshop

High Swartz Municipal Attorneys David J. Brooman, Thomas E. Panzer and Gilbert P. High, Jr. attended the Municipal Solicitors Workshop on May 16, 2019. The Workshop was held at Delaware Valley Trusts in Horsham, PA.

On the agenda:

The State of Qualified Immunity for Pennsylvania Public - discussed the United States Supreme Court's including constitutional contexts like First Amendment retaliation cases and high speed police pursuits

Erosion of Municipal immunity under the PA Tort Claims Act - Broadening of property an motor vehicle exceptions to governmental immunity under the PA Tort Claims Act.

First Amendment Rights in Public Forums - A look at recent US Supreme Court and federal appellate court decisions about the First Amendment rights of people in multiple public forums, social media and otherwise.

Zoning and Civil Rights Issues of Group Homes - Discussed zoning and liability issues around the establishment of "group homes" in a municipality and the issues that several Delaware Valley Trust members have confronted in recent years.

The Firefighter Cancer Presumption Law Update - Coverage of recent cases interpreting key provisions under Act 46 of 2011.

Ongoing Legislative Developments - Discussions of the latest state legislation impacting local municipalities, like bills amending the PA Workers Compensation Act, amendments to the Intergovernmental Cooperative Law and the new Drone Law.

Delaware Valley Property & Liability Trust Coverage Overview - Significant coverage provisions in the DVPLT document.

The Delaware Valley Trusts provide custom health, worker's comp and liability & property coverage for public entities utilizing a cost-effective, risk-sharing model. Members are stakeholders who enjoy expanded coverage, long-term stability and exclusive benefits.

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