Where a death tax is concerned, the federal estate tax applies to those who have, upon their death, estates valued at $10.4 Million or more. The Pennsylvania inheritance tax applies to any estate, regardless of size, and takes into consideration both the size of the estate and the relationship of the beneficiary to the decedent. Skillful tax planning is essential to preserve an estate and transmit the maximum benefit to heirs.

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What is the SECURE Act?

High Swartz estate planning attorneys down and explains the highlights and how they can affect your retirement plans. What is the SECURE Act? The SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) is a bill designed to help Americans improve

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Ancillary Probate and How To Avoid It

Just when you thought you were done with the fine print of a dead loved one’s will, you find an “ancillary” problem, in another state. In the following paragraphs we offer a brief understanding of probate, ancillary probate, and how

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As a successful law firm for over 100 years, High Swartz can attribute many of its

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