Missy Boyd

The Montgomery Child Advocacy Project (MCAP) is a non-profit organization located in Norristown, Pennsylvania.  MCAP, through its active core of volunteer attorneys, provide free legal representation to children who are the victims of abuse and neglect in Montgomery County.  Every day in Montgomery County, children suffer abuse and neglect.  Too often, they are harmed by someone close to them, often a family member.  MCAP attorney advocates represent and protect the interests of these vulnerable children, offering them representation and support as they participate in the legal and social service arenas.  As a unique victim’s agency, MCAP provides child victims with a voice, helping them heal and learn to trust others.  I am privileged to serve as a MCAP attorney advocate and I encourage you to visit the MCAP website at www.mcapkids.org to find out more about this sensational organization.

ACLAMO Family Centers, a charitable, non-profit organization, provides educational, health, economic, social and cultural opportunities to low-income individuals and families in Montgomery County, especially those of Spanish-speaking heritage. ACLAMO stands for Accíon Comunal Latino Americano de Montgomery County, or the Latin American Action Committee of Montgomery County.  ACLAMO is derived from the Spanish verb “aclamar,” which means “to proclaim, to shout forth.” The focus at ACLAMO is to assist those who need help by providing them with the services and skills for success.  ACLAMO social workers assist families in their area of need while ACLAMO teachers help families become more independent and able to provide for themselves in this ever-competitive global economy. I am proud to support this organization as they endeavor to help children and families attain and sustain all of the advantage life should offer. Please visit ACLAMO’s website at www.aclamo.org for ways to get involved either through volunteer efforts or charitable giving.

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