At High Swartz LLP, our employment litigation attorneys provide employers with sound legal counsel and strong representation and advocacy. Our attorneys assist employers in resolving employment disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. Our employment litigation practice covers primarily the federal and state courts through Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania, but our attorneys have handled special assignments in other states as well. Our attorneys also handle a number of administrative matters before the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

When representing clients in employment disputes, our attorneys do so as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our attorneys develop and implement strategies that conserve our clients’ resources, without disrupting our clients’ operations. We strive to preserve and restore a positive workplace environment during any litigation matter.

Employment Litigation Services
Our Employment Litigation practice serves large corporations, smaller businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities. We are also retained by insurance carriers in order to defend the interests of our clients. We handle a wide range of cases, including those involving the following issues:

  • Defense against claims of employment discrimination (including age, gender, disability, race and religious discrimination) at the administrative level before the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and in Pennsylvania state and federal courts
  • Defense against claims of wrongful discharge
  • Defense against breach of contract claims
  • Defense of employers in claims under the Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law (WPCL) and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Enforcement of non-compete agreements, non-solicitation covenants and non-disclosure agreements
  • Enforcement of actions to prevent unlawful disclosure of trade secrets
  • Enforcement of employee duty of loyalty claims
  • Labor injunction proceedings
  • Employment arbitrations

Each member of our employment litigation team also serves as advisor, drafter of contracts and policies and procedures, and negotiator for employers as part of our business law practice.

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