All government entities have complex personnel and employment issues.  High Swartz attorneys have extensive experience in advising and representing local and state government agencies in employment matters.  We provide advice to local municipalities on hiring, evaluation, discipline, and firing employees.  We also do audits, review hiring documents and employee handbooks, and create and apply hiring and disciplinary policies and procedures.  We provide training sessions on employee interviewing and  hiring, discipline, and harassment prevention.  Where necessary, we investigate claims of  misconduct, harassment, and discrimination.  We represent government agencies in equal employment agency investigations, court proceedings, administrative hearings, mediations, and arbitrations.  The firm also handles more traditional labor law matters, including representation of employers in labor contract negotiations, grievances by unionized employees, pension and retirement fund matters, and labor litigation.

Three partners in the firm- Tom Rees, Rich Sokorai, and Jim Shrimp– have extensive experience in employment and labor law to address employment issues.  Tom Rees has served as both a township solicitor and special counsel for municipalities on a variety of employment issues, ranging from general employment advice and contract negotiation to litigation over hiring and termination and police tenure issues.  Rich Sokorai serves as solicitor for a large suburban township where he handles hiring, discipline, and discharge matters.  Jim Shrimp has extensive employment litigation experience for both public and private sector employers.  Jim and Rich currently handle labor matters for a suburban School Board.

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Stormwater Fees in PA – What You Need to Know

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PA Pipeline Construction FAQs

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What is a Municipal Authority?

If you live in Pennsylvania, odds are that you’re within the service area of at least one municipal or joint municipal authority. It has been estimated that Pennsylvania has roughly 2,000 active municipal authorities. Whether for water distribution,

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As a successful law firm for over 100 years, High Swartz can attribute many of its

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