The Municipal Attorneys of High Swartz are experienced in guiding municipalities, school boards, zoning hearing boards and other governmental agencies and boards in all areas related to compliance with the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law and Sunshine Act.

We work with municipalities, school boards and agencies to ensure that their regulations and Right to Know Officers are up to date in the latest changes in the law and Office of Open Records’ rulings. To accomplish this the attorneys of High Swartz, provide:

  • Training for elected officials, administration and employees in maintenance of public records;
  • Review of regulations and revision if necessary;
  • Assistance with review and response to citizen requests for records;
  • Assistance with appeals to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records and Court of Common Pleas; and,
  • Appellate actions

The attorneys of High Swartz will also work with selected private clients who require assistance with Right to Know Requests from municipal and state agencies.  They will guide their clients in the proper requests and the proper procedure for requesting the records which will meet their specific needs. Requests can be made not only from Townships and Boroughs, but from most public county and state agencies and departments.  The attorneys at High Swartz can guide clients through the procedures for filing requests with the proper agencies.

High Swartz Municipal Attorneys also have a depth of experience in advising municipalities regarding the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act, also referred to as the Open Meeting Act.


Right to Know Attorneys

Gilbert P. High Jr.

Gilbert P. High Jr. | municipal and estates Attorney | High Swartz Attorneys at Law

Municipal Law Attorney Gilbert P. High handles land development, zoning litigation, tree law, estate planning, easements, and rights of way.

David J. Brooman

David J. Brooman | Environmental Lawyer | High Swartz

David J. Brooman has more than three decades experience in environmental law, zoning and land use development, and environmental litigation.

Mark R. Fischer Jr.

Mark Fischer | Litigator in Montgomery County PA

Mark Fischer represents businesses in breach of contract, payment collection, construction defect, & consumer protection disputes in PA and NJ.

Matthew T. Hovey

matthew t hovey montgomery county attorney at High Swartz attorneys for law

Matthew T. Hovey, Esq. is a Montgomery County municipal attorney practicing out of our Norristown law office.

William F. Kerr, Jr.

William F. Kerr, Jr. | real estate Attorney | High Swartz montgomery county pa

Real Estate Attorney William F. Kerr focuses on land use, zoning, real estate title issues, eminent domain, and real estate code compliance.

Thomas E. Panzer

Thomas E. Panzer | workers' attorney | High Swartz doylestown pa

Municipal, Zoning and Workers' Compensation Attorney focusing on administrative litigation, land use, and all aspects of Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claims, litigation, and settlements.

Richard C. Sokorai

Richard C. Sokorai | litigation Attorney | High Swartz Attorneys at Law

Richard Sokorai is an equity partner at High Swartz. He focuses on civil litigation, personal injury, and environmental law as an attorney.

Sean G. Livesey

sean livesey | montgomery county real estate attorney

Sean G. Livesey Is a Montgomery County real estate attorney primarily focusing on real estate matters, which includes zoning and land development. He also consults with local businesses on property acquisitions, leasing, and real estate tax liability.

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